Employment Practices & Discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, drug testing, retaliatory discharge, sexual harassment, and age, racial, sexual, and other forms of discrimination are but a few of the complex, diverse, and potentially costly issues facing the employer in today’s society. Our attorneys have substantial experience in evaluating and defending these claims on behalf of employers and insurance carriers before administrative law judges and in civil courts.

We stress innovative, cost-efficient means of claim resolution, including mediation and other alternative dispute resolution formats, the early use of dispositive motions as a means of effective settlement leverage, and combination settlement packages that include employee resignations.

We work as a team with the employer and insurance carrier to reduce the costs associated with employee labor claims. We quickly and efficiently resolve lawsuits and claims at an early stage where possible, but aggressively defend claims from inception through the appellate process, if necessary.

We routinely work closely with many companies and insurance carriers in investigating claims during the early stages, before a formal claim is pursued, to reduce the potential exposure and associated legal expense.